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When graphic artist Timothy Goodman set out to spend a year in Paris, it was to take a break from his life for the first time and do something big for himself, not for his career or for someone else. He never expected to find love, and certainly not love like this. Diary entries recall Goodman’s time in Paris, learning about French food, culture, and language, all while falling in love with Aimée who challenged him to not only love someone else, but to let himself be loved in return. However, the story shifts to a crushing heartbreak just six months later in Rome. It forced Goodman to look inward, to confront the traumas of his past as well as his own toxic masculinity, and to learn how to embrace himself and his flaws.

This one-of-a-kind graphic memoir chronicles it all— the ups, the downs, love found, and love lost— all in the bold illustration style Goodman is best known for. With poetic prose and handwritten script to accompany the artwork (along with a touch of humor and great sadness), I Always Think It’s Forever is a unique glimpse inside the heart, mind, and soul of a man. Goodman’s artful description of his attempts at learning to love himself in the end portrays a journey through love and masculinity in a way no book ever has before.

I Always Think It’s Forever was released on January 31, 2023 by Simon Element, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. À bientôt!

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